Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Rehabilitation Center

When you think about a luxury rehabilitation center, celebrity rehab programs always come to mind. However, you don't necessarily have to be rich and famous to seek this kind of upscale treatment. Nevertheless, standard rehab programs are just as effective as programs set in high-end treatment facilities in terms of addressing addictions. The main difference is the comfort and luxury that these leisure hotel-like facilities bring to the table, which can be very appealing to some people. What is important when choosing a rehab treatment facility to check yourself into is knowing the type of program that they offer and finding a place where you can be comfortable with the surroundings, the treatment methodology, as well as the people administering the program, so that you can concentrate on overcoming your addiction.

If comfort level is that important to you, then a luxury rehabilitation centre might be a good fit. There are some things that set luxury facilities apart from standard rehab centres and this includes: 

  1. Geographic location—most luxury centres will have a beach-side or secluded country or mountain settings, creating a resort-like environment where you can channel inner peace, which also helps in dealing with addiction.
  2. Amenities—high-end treatment facilities often have private rooms, luxurious workspaces, room service, fine dining, and many other services like you would find in an upscale hotel.
  3. Activities—upscale treatment programs also provide opportunities for various luxury activities to complement addiction-related activities, such as horseback riding, spa treatments, swimming, sports, and a lot more.

Financial Considerations

Just as upscale hotels cost a lot higher than 3 star facilities, luxury rehab treatment will also set you back financially. These added costs go into extra amenities, the location, and the additional activities. These extra charges are often not covered by insurance policies, which will leave you with a huge out-of-pocket bill. Some luxury facilities don't even accept insurance at all, which makes financing an important consideration when looking at luxury treatments.

Drug addiction and any other kind of behavioural and abuse problems are serious concerns that should be addressed immediately as they occur. One 40 is a good place to turn to when you are in need of specialized treatments and programs to help address your specific addiction or behavioural pattern.