Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Rehabilitation Services

There are many different types of rehabilitation services and treatment available for those who suffer addiction and other types of behavioural disorders. You can access help through the local health and welfare system, through the criminal justice system (if you have committed an offence) or through drug advice services and doctor referral.

Drug agencies or street agencies are present in many areas across UK and they offer a wide range of services that range from information and advice to counselling, medical prescription for opiate users, detoxification, needle exchange, and support groups. These drug agencies are open during typical working hours, although services may be limited and visits are often by appointment and you will be subject to long wait lists.

GPs, accidents and emergency units can also refer you to specialist drug services upon discovering symptoms of drug abuse. In addition to providing general medical services, GPs and emergency medical units can also provide you with information, advice, and treatment in partnership with a community drug team or a drug agency. Community drug teams, on the other hand, are often found next to hospitals. They specialise in helping drug users through counselling, substitute prescriptions, detoxification, and other forms of treatment and rehabilitation services.

Outreach services are also another means of acquiring drug rehab services such as those operating on-site agencies, health care centres, colleges, and schools, and other community centres. Residential rehab services and treatment programs are recommended if you are heavily dependent on an addictive substance and would want to give up drug use altogether. Some residential services will require you to be drug free upon admission, while others offer their own supervised detox program. These programmes typically last for three to six months, depending on the situation. Others last for a year and continue with some kind of after care or 12-steps program. There are also some telephone helplines that you can call for information and advice on drug addiction and alcohol use, such as Drinkiline (0800 917 8282) and Ask Frank (0800 776 600).

Don't wait until you have committed an offense out of drug or alcohol influence before you decide on doing something about your drug or drinking problem. One40 UK is a good place to start if you don't know what first step to take in dealing with your drug or substance abuse. We offer flexible programs that will fit any lifestyle, giving you plenty of opportunities to take a stand against damaging addiction.