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Residential Alcohol Rehab

Choosing between an outpatient program and a residential alcohol rehab treatment is not an easy decision. Rehab programs require an investment not only of your time and money, but your emotional resources as well. Depending on the nature of your addiction you can choose a more lenient outpatient program where you are allowed to sleep at your own home each night and take pleasure in a more flexible schedule, which can still involve going to work or attending school, and other such activities. However, if your addiction is more severe and is causing a multitude of problems not only to yourself but to the people around you, it might be a better idea to check yourself into a residential program.

More intensive residential treatments are the better choice for those who have had a long history of alcohol addiction that may be hard to break using other treatment means. If you or your loved one has attempted to stop drinking or get into 12-step programs or an outpatient service to no avail, then a residential alcohol rehab might be a better way to beat the addiction.

Residential rehab programs include a wide spectrum of services to help in alcohol addiction treatment. These treatments address not only the immediate problem, which is excessive drinking, but also underlying or related problems that might be affecting your alcohol use. This can be health issues, family problems, underlying abuse or trauma, financial issues, co-occurring mental health disorders, legal obstacles, and many others. Some services you can expect from a residential rehab include pharmacological assistance, medical care, regular monitoring, extensive diagnostic, mental health, and support services, legal support, job skills training, family therapy, as well as long-term aftercare solutions.

One of the greatest benefits of residential programs is access to round-the clock care and protection against the ever present risk of relapse. Not only do programs help in fixing your state of mind and overcoming urges, you also get to live in an alcohol-free environment, where you get to experience life without alcohol. Additionally, you get the much needed support from your counsellors, support group, and peers, while also learning coping skills that will help you overcome temptations even when you are on your own with a bottle of booze on the table. 

Why endure recovery on your own when you can get all the support you can need in a residential facility like One40? Get the services and treatment you deserve with the added bonus of a supportive community in one of the leading addiction and disorder facilities in the UK.