Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Residential Rehab

When trying to break the vicious cycle of alcohol dependence, you don't want a temporary "band-aid" solution. Instead, you want a treatment program that goes into the heart of the problem, treating the addiction right at its roots. Residential rehab is one of the most effective ways of beating addiction, whether it be to alcohol or any other kind of addictive drug or substance. Through rehab, you will be guided through a process, by which you can learn how to overcome your physical, emotional, and psychological dependence on alcohol. The three fundamental stages of treatment involve detoxification or ridding the body of the harmful substance, counselling, which allows your therapists and counsellors to get to the root of the problem, and aftercare, which will help you overcome outside forces and triggers that might lead to a relapse. Each of these stages is specifically designed to treat or address a certain component of your addiction such as the physical, psychological, and social aspects of your addiction.

Rehab centres are safe havens where you can heal physically and emotionally, while also learning how to maintain healthier living and get the therapeutic support you need to beat your addiction. Some of the main services you should look for when looking for a residential rehab facility include proper diagnostics and evaluation techniques and tools, detox program, therapeutic treatments, counselling, support, and aftercare services.

It has been constantly pointed out that in any type of addiction; there is no one-size-fits all solution or approach that will cure all conditions. Instead, you should look for a program that is specifically designed to address all your specific needs and underlying conditions. Some of the factors you need to consider include the length of time you have been abusing alcohol, your co-occurring psychological disorders like depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychological disturbances that might be contributing to your alcohol use. You also need to look into some co-occurring medical or physical disorders, as well as your family or social responsibilities, and your ability to avoid relapse on your own—which is often a deciding factor when choosing between a residential program or an outpatient treatment.

One40 offers you flexible treatment programs to help you find the best combination of therapies and services that can help you overcome your addiction and avoid relapse altogether. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide holistic care to all clients.