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Sex Addiction


The initial concern with sex addiction is to get clients to identify their own behaviours. We want our clients to be able to identify their behaviour as not just an instinctive drive but to be able to recognize what it is that leads to loss of control over their addiction.

Some of the behaviours of a sex addict may include one or more of the following: sexual or romantic activity outside the scope of a monogamous relationship, anonymous or casual sex, compulsive avoidance of intimacy or emotional attachment, one-night stands, compulsive masturbation, obsessive fantasy, compulsive attraction to unavailable or abusive partners, and a wide variety of addictive sexual, romantic, or avoidant behaviours.

The most important means to recovery from hidden sexual acts, unfaithfulness and lies is a readiness to take the essential risks of openness facing their issues and then seeking help. Tailored Rehab is able to discuss the needs of an individual and refer them to the most appropriate help for their individual and personal circumstances.

Treatment will generally focus on two main issues. The first is the logistical issue of separating you from damaging sexual behaviour. To accomplish this it may require inpatient or residential treatment for several weeks depending on the extent of the addiction.


Secondly, sometimes classed as the most complex issue, involves facing the guilt, shame and depression associated with this illness.

There is treatment for sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour. It takes time, commitment and courage.

With just an initial telephone call, we can assess your needs, and we will be able to refer you to the most appropriate course of recovery.