Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Sex Rehab

Sex rehab can help with many addictive issues. For example persistent and progressive pattern of sexual behaviours continually acted out despite negative consequences. Some of the behaviors that may reflect sex addiction or compulsive sexual behaviours are: sexual aversion, pornography, cybersex or unsafe sex with strangers or multiple partners.

Treatment will focus on two main issues. Firstly separating an addict from harmful sexual behaviour, achieving this might require inpatient or residential treatment. An inpatient setting protects individuals from specific situations or people that trigger compulsive sexual behaviour. Sometimes, sex addicts can succeed in an outpatient setting with adequate social, family and spiritual support.

Next there is the issue of facing the guilt, shame and depression associated with this addiction. It takes trust and time with a proficient therapist to work through these emotions.

Our skilled counsellors are dedicated to helping others in finding a reputable rehab centre, we offer guidance and referral. There are many options to take into account when individuals are looking for treatment centres and during this frustrating time Tailored Rehab wants to make a client’s decision as less complicated and stressful as possible. To name a few, factors include rates of accomplishment, location, cost, reputation, and staff to client ratio. We work with our clients to find a rehab solution that is most appropriate.

By contacting us today to discuss specific circumstances, we can assess, and arrange an immediate referral for our clients.