Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Supervised Detox

The detox from drugs and/or alcohol is the first step in the treatment process toward sobriety, and a medically supervised detox is a safe way to ensure clients receive support during withdrawal.

Supervised detox means that and users should be monitored by trained, qualified staff who would be able to assist users with any aspect of the detox process. Many are also able to prescribe any detox medications deemed necessary to ensure physical and mental stability during the process.

During a supervised detox, fully trained and qualified medical professionals will ensure that the user is monitored at all times.

All the medical staff within the detox units provide the highest level of care.

Safety is paramount for a successful recovery.

When considering a centre for our clients, we know that everyone has different needs

One of the hurdles that prevent many from becoming free of chemical dependency is the detox process. It is very common for addiction to continue because an individual is concerned about how detoxing from drug and alcohol abuse is going to make them feel both physically and mentally, the benefit of the supervised process is that individuals will be made as comfortable as possible and many of the withdrawal symptoms can be made easier if not eliminated.

Any supervised detox centre we refer users to is usually held in a luxury treatment centre, with caring and competent staff. We refer individuals to detox centres which will be suitable and be able to cater individual's specific needs.

Any of these centres will also meet our high expectations of professionalism.