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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Therapeutic Workshops Cont

Healthy Communication 

This two and a half day workshop deals with the pain of co-dependency; how to free one-self from such a situation; and to learn to identify and express core emotions without judging or being judged.

The development of healthy relationships is recognising one's own self worth, having the ability to ask with confidence for what one needs, and being able to say, "No" without fear. This workshop will also encourage the participant to learn how to re-establish the intimacy and respect which come from a happy, healthy relationship.

This imaginative and ground breaking workshop is designed to empower the development, enrichment and enhancement of relationships, and is open to individuals, couples and families.

Working through Shame 

One’s shame helps the individual to be in relationships with others because it is a source of accountability and humility, while "carried" or introjected shame is destructive to one's overall sense of value and worth.

This workshop provides an exceptional opportunity to understand the various facets of shame, while offering participants the chance to reduce the destructive and dysfunctional impact of carried shame on self and relationships.

Inner Child

Each person has an inner child though many have forgotten or lost touch with this part of themselves. This particular workshop will give the participant the opportunity to remember and re-connect with their core being, and to start to heal the psychological pain from one's past.

Much of current emotional distress can be restored through regaining contact with the inner child. Addiction, anxiety and depression are symptoms which are frequently caused by the abandonment and neglect of this fundamental part of self. This two day workshop aims to rediscover the inner child that has been forgotten or is perhaps too frightened to emerge.

Residential:  Love Addiction/Avoidance Workshop

 This five day residential workshop is based on the work of Pia Mellody and her book, “Facing Love Addiction”. Love addiction is a painful process as the love addict’s focus becomes obsessive and ultimately destructive. It is driven by a fear of abandonment, which causes the irrational focus on a partner, child or friend. The love avoidant is afraid to be emotionally vulnerable and therefore operates behind self imposed barriers and from a (sometimes illogical) sense of duty. A common sign of love addiction is the inability to trust and enjoy a healthy relationship, or to be able to walk away when it becomes abusive. This workshop will explore how emotional abandonment in childhood continues to sabotage adult relationships.

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