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Treatment Options for Alcoholism

Determining and accepting the drinking problem of a loved one is a good first step. From there, you can intervene and encourage them to seek treatment for alcoholism. An intervention can help them recognise and accept the reality and that professional help is needed if they want to overcome their problem. Talking to an addiction specialist can help you get started in planning the intervention.            

What's the Problem?

A family member or your friend may be addicted to alcohol and not even know it. Even if they are aware of their problem, they could also ignore your efforts to help them and tell you that they can do it themselves. However, alcohol addiction can be incapacitating, making it difficult to just stop drinking by sheer will power. Those who do not seek professional help often end up relapsing. That's why addicts need professional help. They have to be checked into a treatment facility for alcoholism so they can successfully overcome the drinking problem.

Treatment Options

There are various treatment programmes available for alcoholism, and they are provided depending on how long the person has been drinking and may be modified if there are underlying medical or health conditions. Treatment may involve group or individual counselling, residential treatment or an outpatient programme, a brief intervention, and an after-care programme.

A treatment programme may begin with detoxification, which can take anywhere two to seven days. It is best done in a hospital or a residential treatment centre. Detoxification can help remove the alcohol from the system while preventing or alleviating the possibly excruciating withdrawal symptoms. After detox, rehabilitation can start. A treatment plan may include behavioural change methods, goal setting, counselling, self-help training, and a follow-up care once. It may also include psychological counselling, injected or oral medications, treatment for underlying or pre-existing medical conditions, psychological treatment, and spiritual practise.

The best programmes are tailored to the clients’ specific circumstances. The treatment, administration, and aftercare support must be carefully planned according to the needs of your loved one and your budget. Talk to us here at One40 for flexible admissions and treatment options for alcoholism. Our treatment centre is registered with the BACP and CQC, and we have multiple locations throughout the UK to make treatment for alcoholism more available, no matter where you are. Free aftercare is provided, too. Learn more by calling One40 at 0203 151 1914 or 0800 511 8112.