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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Treatment For Bulimia

It's difficult and heart-breaking to realise that your daughter may have bulimia and seeing her damage her own health and body with that eating disorder. While bulimics might appear self-assured, beneath that facade is someone who needs help because of emotional turmoil and extreme stress. It's not easy to force your child to change, but you can at least be supportive and encourage treatment for bulimia so you can make a difference.

A Silent Cry for Help

Children who are bulimic often wish their parents were aware of their eating disorder. But it’s often not easy; most bulimics convince everyone around them that they’re okay. However, it’s extremely likely that your daughter is wishing that you could catch her in the act so you can help her.

If you already suspect that she has an eating disorder, you need to prove it. Talk to her about it. Be gentle yet firm instead of being angry or bringing the issue up in a confrontational manner. Remember that your daughter is in a fragile state and that she needs your love, understanding, and compassion above all things. Whatever happens, don't let “I'm okay” and “I have it under control” stop you from helping her.

Seeking Treatment

There are treatment centres specialising in eating disorders. Be sure that it has qualified therapists and specialists in cognitive behavioural therapy. When treatment begins, make sure your daughter continues with it and show your encouragement and support along the way so she can strive to finish therapy, become successful, and stop bulimia. The length of therapy may depend on your daughter's case, but one or two sessions are definitely insufficient. Continued care is necessary to help your daughter build a healthier self-esteem and self-image.

Throughout therapy, it's important for you to be there for your child and make her feel that you love her. Prove to her that she deserves a good life, and that she doesn't need to feel ashamed about having an eating disorder because you are there for her and you'll fight it with her.

Seek treatment from the experts here in One40. We'll help you and your daughter overcome her eating disorder through our individual care programmes and multi-disciplinary methods. We can provide free aftercare for continued treatment for bulimia, too. One40 has multiple locations all over the UK, with a dedicated staff and flexible admissions to ensure that help is always available and ready for your loved one. Our facilities are BACP and CQC registered.