Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

A.C.T (Addiction. Cross Addiction .Trauma) Treatment Model

A.C.T treatment is inclusive in providing treatment for the following conditions;

•Eating disorder   •Compulsive gambling   •Depression   •Sex addiction   •Alcohol dependence •Drug addiction   •Trauma   •Stress & Anxiety   •Cross-addictions   •PTSD    •Duel diagnosis

The One40 treatment model A.C.T at its core draws on the Minnesota 12 Step Model. Throughout the programme patients engage in a cemented timetable of Process Groups, One to One therapy and Non-Cognitive Therapeutic Interventions inclusive of Mindful based meditation, Art Therapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

When people come into recovery in a treatment centre, it’s the therapist’s job to peel back the layers so we can deal with the emotional causes of addiction. The diagram (fig1) containing squares detailing the layers we will address throughout a patients treatment programme.

The outer layer is the Using habit itself – the addiction. This is when we drink alcohol or abuse drugs – or take part in any other form of compulsive behaviour, such as overeating or obsessive sexual practices.

Beneath Using, we have Feelings, and below that Trauma, and then Sensitivity in the centre.


One40 deliver treatment packages that are comprehensive and sensitively structured. Care plans are tailored to work with the presenting layers of conditions. Naturally, during initial assessment and the early stages of the A.C.T treatment plan, we discuss and address the full spectrum of influences on our patients lives; psychological, social, biological and spiritual.

Our philosophy is to focus very much on a 'living' model of treatment. Each individual patients A.C.T personal treatment plan can only be drawn up once we have a clear perspective of the patients experiences and view of their life.

One40 specialist telephone counsellors are available today on  0800 511 8112 or 020 7060 1304