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The One40 A.C.T model offers successful rehabilitation for Dual Diagnosis Clients 

The One40 A.C.T model offers successful rehabilitation for Dual Diagnosis Clients

In its various forms and degrees of severity, addiction goes hand in hand with the many accompanying complex conditions of behavioural disorder processes and acute mental health conditions including primarily psychotic disorders.

This co-existing condition goes by the definition of ‘Dual Diagnosis.’  

Breaking this down into a simplified definition

It is essentially 2 or more disorders occurring at once, which is why it is often referred to as a ‘co-occurring disorder.’

Often our clients will begin using a substance or process for the mood enhancing properties it appears to provide, self medicating underlying psychological or psychiatric conditions including, Clinical or Diagnosed Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Bipolar, Attention and Personality Disorders.

Until these accompanying disorders are dealt with on a priority level, the cycle of self medication may continue to accelerate the process of addiction, cross addiction and trauma.

One40 treatment of Dual Diagnosis

Dr Neil Brener heads our multi-disciplinary clinical team, as the UKs front Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Bi-Polar, Anxiety and Depression, our clients experience a seamless admission procedure.

Clinically we will evaluate clients that present with dual diagnosis issues. Once the accompanying disorder has been identified and diagnosed, it can be treated through a combination of the A.C.T treatment model, optimised one to one therapy, medication management, Psychiatric and Psychological consultancy and our non-cognitive therapies.

This person-centred approach within a loving and supportive environment enables the client to reduce extreme mood fluctuation, sleep deprivation and potentially psychotic episodes. Together we help them find realistic solutions to their problems in order to improve their quality of life.

Many years of dysfunctional behaviours which developed as ineffective coping mechanisms to manage co occurring disorders, respond to the Cognitive Behavioural approach of the 12 Step programme which is at the core of the One40 A.C.T treatment model.

The Psychological and Psychiatric facilities for our clients optimise their opportunity to be able to explore historically sedated thoughts, feelings and emotions which will be significantly alleviated and subsequently more effectively managed.

One40 non-cognitive therapies offer the client additional opportunities to experience both mental and physical wellbeing enhancement designed to build self worth, trust, communication and a commitment to change.