Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Music Therapy

At One40 Music Therapy is one of the non-cognitive therapies we provide offering the opportunity to learn a new skill of accessing and processing sensitivity appropriately, that if applied in recovery, will assist in coping with heightened emotional states.

Sometimes it will feel as though no matter how hard we try, we can’t make these uncomfortable over sensitive feelings go away. Addicts turn off their sensitivity by medicating it away with an addictive process or substance.

Sensitivity comes with a huge price for those with an addictive nature, because there’s no easy way to turn it off. This is because our feelings and our emotions are rooted in our limbic system, something over which we have very little conscious control.

Unless we find nurturing and mindful techniques to help soothe our sensitivity, sooner or later it is going to cause us a lot of background anxiety

The music therapy sessions at One40 consist of singing mantras and chants from all over the world, accompanied by Indian harmonium and drum. The simple act of repeating a mantra can allow the individual to express themselves more effectively, release negative emotions and patterns of behaviour, and begin to cultivate a more peaceful outlook on life. There is an opportunity to really express yourself whether you believe you can sing or not, in a relaxed supportive environment. This practice can enable the individual to tap into something much bigger than them and therefore can bypass old stories and patterns that no longer serve them.

Participants feel more joyful, empowered, and have more compassion for themselves and others. 

By connecting with our own vibration, we bring ourselves more into balance and feel more in tune with everything. The world is our oyster! 

These sessions are not about being a good singer.