Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Therapeutic Workshops

Trauma Reduction Therapy

In partnership with One40, TW London provides high quality therapeutic services in the UK and in Europe. Based at 140 Harley Street, London, services include a wide range of therapeutic workshops, including trauma reduction workshops and tailor made one to one and couple/ family interventions.

Throughout the year there is a rolling programme for the Trauma Reduction Workshops. Please see our news & blog index to access the dates scheduled in 2014.

Trauma Reduction 1

This is an intensive four day workshop based on the pioneering work of Pia Mellody (Survivors). The programme has been developed to deal with traumatic childhood issues which create codependence.  The origin of codependence begins in childhood and its primary feature is "abandonment of self" which means adapting oneself to fit in with others.

This workshop will focus on letting go of childhood trauma and the consequent emotions of carried shame, anger, guilt and pain from one’s childhood, which should not be part of one's psyche. It can also have a significant effect in reducing depression and, crucially, helping to prevent a relapse into addiction, if this is a factor.

Trauma Reduction 2

Trauma Reduction 2 concentrates on whole life experiences and represents a unique opportunity for those who have already attended a Trauma Reduction Workshop, and who wish to further their work on unresolved painful life occurrences. Some participants may choose to extend their work in resolving childhood trauma, while others may take the opportunity to address adult issues. Trauma 2 has been specifically designed to complement Trauma 1 in healing the wounds originally created by trauma.

Healthy Communication

Working through Shame

Inner Child

Residential:  Love Addiction/Avoidance Workshop