Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Trauma Reduction Therapy

Trauma Reduction & therapeutic workshop programmes

One40 and TW London have collaborated to create one of the most effective trauma reduction programmes available in the UK

In addition to our Trauma reduction workshops I & II, that run over a 4 day intensive period, there are also the following programmes which focus on;

·         Inner Child
·         Healing Shame
·         Love addiction/Love avoidance

The core model used is based on the work of Pia Melody which looks at the 5 core symptoms of co-dependent patterns;

Self esteem boundaries, reality, intimacy and moderation.

For many addicts whether it is drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling or shopping the aim is always the same, to stop experiencing feelings of worthlessness. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study, indicates a direct correlation between trauma and addiction, depression and anxiety disorders.   

Traumatic events in childhood can and very often lead to addictive processes and behaviours, with out understanding the trauma, the addiction issues will continue.

We understand that adverse childhood events such as neglect, abuse, bullying, parents divorcing or moving home multiple times  can create the same stress patterns as surviving a major one off life event such as a natural disaster or an accident.

As children we can develop a shame core, a fear that to reveal our-selves will lead to further abuse. This is the very basis of co-dependent development which we see as the bedrock of addiction.

In early childhood we have none or very little say in what happens to us and our ability to protect ourselves is minimal. Abject and covert abuse, neglect and emotional enmeshment all lead to a child's sense of low self esteem. Often in our workshops we hear clients say;

“I believed if bad things were happening to me then I must have been bad.”

“If mum or dad don't love and protect me, I must be unlovable and not worth protecting.”

For many trauma survivors, acknowledgment of their reality is the first step in transformative change. Through teaching effective boundaries, self esteem and moderation, recovering addicts innate sense of self worth guides them into a life more manageable.

These therapeutic trauma workshops will give you the resolve you need, to release yourself from historical shame binds, fear and panic. We will hold you safely as you commit to facing past life events and potential triggers of the future.

Working on past traumas and looking at what evokes high levels of anxiety, panic and depression for you, whilst trying to maintain an abstinence based recovery, will help bring about empowerment for lasting change.