Alcohol Detoxification Is The Way To Get Rid Of Alcohol Dependency

For those with alcohol dependence, detoxification can be one of the first steps to a new lifestyle. Alcohol detoxification is an immediate end of alcohol consumptionOne40 Recovery Community; in some cases, cross-tolerant drugs are substituted to prevent withdrawal symptoms under the medical supervision of a treatment centres Doctors & Nurses and where needed Consultant Psychiatrists. Over the length of a detox programme the toxic substances from your body will comfortably diminish.

The length and manner of alcohol detoxification depends on your age, history of alcohol intake, and medical status. For instance, if you are a binge drinker and you seek treatment just a week after your latest binge, you may not be required to undergo detox before your start treatment. If you have been consistently drinking for a long time, however, detox may be recommended to prevent or alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Sweating, tremors, an overall feeling of being sick, and craving for alcohol are among the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal WITHOUT a medically supervised detox plan.  Some may experience delirium and convulsions or seizures, too. Reduced and tolerable withdrawal symptoms under treatment centre supervision usually last from five to seven days, but it may take longer for your craving for alcohol to stop. You will be fully supported in the close care of your counselling team during these difficult moments but they will always pass and the ability to learn from your thoughts and feelings rather than use substances to self medicate these cravings will leave you feeling empowered and revived.

Alcohol detoxification is best done in a treatment facility and administered by a qualified physician who specialises in alcohol addiction and dependence. Benzodiazepines may be given by the doctor for a comfortable transition to an alcohol-free lifestyle. The dosage may start high, but it will gradually be reduced over the next five to seven days. However, the doctor may prefer to give vitamins instead. Vitamin B1 may help prevent withdrawal symptoms. In-patient and residential treatments are often recommended when you need to undergo alcohol detoxification. That way, you can be monitored 24/7 by a qualified staff and the doctor, especially when you are experiencing difficult withdrawal symptoms.

1st United Kingdom International Treatment Centre Conference.

One40 are the proud hosts of the first International Treatment Centre Conference

on Sunday May4th. John McGann and Gavin Cooper together are to introduce this motivation to the UK. The USA has had great success with their model.

ARK Interventions would like to invite you to attend the first United Kingdom International Treatment Centre Conference.

This one day event will host treatment professionals, treatment facilities and interventionists in a small and intimate atmosphere to facilitate networking, information sharing and collaboration.

Each participant will be allowed 10-15 Minutes to inform other guests about their respective specialities and what they would like to see from the industry in the coming years.

This will be a one day event and on behalf of ARK Interventions, we are looking forward to seeing you there, please find further details below.

Sunday 4th May 10.00am-6.00pm

Harley Street Conference
140 Harley Street London, W1

Lunch and refreshments provided

Please contact regarding questions about this event